headshotHi.  I’m Doug Mueller and I own Techelp. I started this company in 1992 and went full time in 1997. Prior to my starting Techelp I had done some teaching for community colleges and some companies like Snap-on. While the teaching was rewarding I found that for the most part it was not very effective in training technicians to repair and diagnose the cars of today. Proof was that the graduates of the training institutions did not have the ability to step in and repair cars. The graduates needed to be retrained.

I advised that this was the case and change needed to occur but was told that this is the way it is done and that was the end of the story. I then decided to start Techelp and my main training program which allows techs to learn and then practice the things they learn has proven to work and I have turned out a large number of quality technicians in the Bay area. This training is what I call my long term program.

I also teach the required smog classes that a technicians need to qualify to take the state smog test.

I live in Concord, California and have lived and worked in the Bay Area since 1972.  I am a member of the Automotive Service Council, California Auto Teachers, and Council of Advanced Automotive Trainers.

I got my first real job at a gas station in the summer of 1962.  Since that time, I have devoted my working time to school and the repair trades.  I have worked in, worked on, managed, and owned repair shops since.  I started, owned, and sold two repair shops.  Both are still in business and have reputations of being the best.

I was N.I.A.S.E. certified Master Technician in 1975 and am A.S.E. re-certified.  I also hold the L-1 certification.  I was first certified as a smog technician in 1972 and am currently advance certified.  I have over 20,000 hours of automotive related training both as a student and as a teacher.  At present, I own and operate “TecHelp”.  Through TecHelp, I do long term training in several classrooms set up throughout the Bay Area.  I contract teach for different companies’ and organizations, provide phone and in shop student support and am able to customize any program.  This has proven to give students the most for their training dollar.

This industry has treated me well and I have made a good living.  The biggest problem I see today is a lack of education in the management and technicians.  The customers lose trust, the supplier is overwhelmed with returns, and the repair shop is in trouble.  I believe the industry knows it and is ready for education.  I also know I can make a difference.  In addition, it is very satisfying to see the light turn on in a student’s eyes.

Doug Mueller