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Air Conditioning Info

Did you know that Everco, Four Seasons, and Murray are now all the same company? Their new phone number for technical support is 888-325-8886.

Several calls have come in about A/C gauges not reading when fitted to the service port (or ports).  For R-12 systems try a replacement Schrader valve or new depressor in your hose end. If that doesn’t work or if you have an R-134A system with new Schrader valves, try backing the valves out about a turn. BE CAREFUL, this may cause leaking when you disconnect. Be ready to re-tighten the valve. Don’t forget to replace the service caps when you are done!

Don’t forget, there is a direct relationship between freon pressure and temperature. If you monitor the line temperature, you can know what the pressure is. My recommendation is to use the touch or contact method to monitor any fluctuation or changes.

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  1. harpreet s virk

    oh one thing mr doug were u able to here some kind of noise from the bell housing when at idling at one spot in park or drive

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