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Monthly Archives: January 2010

TecHelp Tips | Automotive Education – BROKEN FLEX PLATE

TecHelp Tips | Automotive Education – BROKEN FLEX PLATE

BROKEN FLEX PLATE Doug visits “Ass Kicking Machine” this month. This month I worked on a 1994 Plymouth Voyager 3.3L. This vehicle came to us with an armload of new components. The original technician had tentatively pinpointed what he thought were injector-triggering problems on #6 injector. After driving this vehicle and verifying the concern, (intake backfire, bucking while accelerating and while maintaining speeds), we found no codes were stored in memory and the ignition patterns appeared good. Checking the inputs we found, cam and crank signals were good and regular. The camshaft sensor and crankshaft sensor were removed and visually inspected, then reinstalled with new spacer tabs. We even removed the starter and inspected the flexplate, no rust, no wobble, sensor tone openings undamaged, torque converter bolts tight, we didn’t see any problems with the flexplate. The vehicle was driven with the lab scope viewing the crank sensor and injector patterns. When the proble ... read more

TecHelp Tips | Accepted Trade Standards – Automotive Education and Training

The recent implementation of the new Accepted Trade Standards for Air Conditioning have raised new questions with the requirements, “Any automotive repair dealer that advertises or performs, directly or through a sublet contractor, automotive air conditioning work and uses the words service, inspection, diagnosis, top off, performance check or any expression or term of like meaning in any form of advertising or on a written estimate or invoice shall only do so when all of the following work is done…” (SEE ATTACHED A/C REGS). At the top of the list is the question, if a “COMPLETE INSPECTION” is required can a repair dealer halt an inspection and what can they charge for their time? According to Bruce Wilson at the BAR’s Richmond Office, “A repair dealer may stop an Air Conditioning Inspection at any point when the repair facility finds a problem that prevents them from continuing. Repair dealer can advertise an inspection service based on the complete list but may stop the insp ... read more

TecHelp Tips | Automotive Education Company – Air Conditioning Info

Air Conditioning Info Did you know that Everco, Four Seasons, and Murray are now all the same company? Their new phone number for technical support is 888-325-8886. Several calls have come in about A/C gauges not reading when fitted to the service port (or ports). For R-12 systems try a replacement Schrader valve or new depressor in your hose end. If that doesn’t work or if you have an R-134A system with new Schrader valves, try backing the valves out about a turn. BE CAREFUL, this may cause leaking when you disconnect. Be ready to re-tighten the valve. Don’t forget to replace the service caps when you are done! Don’t forget, there is a direct relationship between freon pressure and temperature. If you monitor the line temperature, you can know what the pressure is. My recommendation is to use the touch or contact method to monitor any fluctuation or changes

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