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Electric Systems

Electric 1

  • Teaches theory of electricity
  • Ohm's Law and Application (making Ohm's Law your friend)
  • Battery Construction and testing
  • Cable and wire basics (sizes and application)
  • Starter operation and testing
  • Meter types and uses (desired features and compatibility with other pieces of equipment)
  • Alternator operations
  • External regulators
  • Testing external regulated charging systems

NOTE: Advanced students report that this class filled in the blank spots and confirmed what they already knew. They had much more confidence after this class.

At the end of this class students should be proficient with Ohm's Law, battery testing, starter testing and charging system testing with external regulators.

Classroom and in-shop hands-on classes

10 night class - 1 night per week for 10 weeks

Electric III

  • Recommend Electric I and II before taking this class
  • Understand and diagnosing body electric circuits and problems:
    • Shorts, draws, opens, cross circuits
    • Class will examine and test many body and accessory circuits:
    • Example: Lighting, wipers, windows, seats, cooling fans, A/C electric, etc.
    • Circuits looked at will be determined by vehicles and problems available.
    • Students are encourage to bring problem cars to class.

At the end of this class students will be able to use customer information and reference material to repair body electric problems. They will be able to communicate correct information to the office for maximum profit and know when to ask for help.

Classroom and in-shop hands-on classes

10 night class - 1 night per week for 10 weeks

Electric II

  • Recommend Electric I before taking this class
  • Brief review of Electric I
  • Charging systems - Review and finish external regulated systems. Cover internal regulated system. Theory and testing.
  • Body Electronics
  • Vehicle wiring and reading diagrams
  • Relays, protection devices
  • Use of meters and tools to perform pin checks and voltage drops
  • Repair factory problems
  • Introduction to primary ignition
  • Introduction to secondary ignition
  • Use of scopes and graphing meters
  • Primary and secondary ignition patterns and how to interpret them

NOTE: Students will need to bring their meters and or scopes to this class. Students need to use what they have available in their shops.

At the end of this class, students will be proficient testing charging systems. They will also understand how to use DVOM's to pin check and perform voltage drops. They will be able to hook up an ignition scope and understand basic ignition patterns.

Classroom and in-shop hands-on classes

10 night class - 1 night per week for 10 weeks

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